ELI EZEKIEL LIGHTING CORPORATION, INC. is a lighting fixture manufacturer that is fully oriented to the goal of providing lighting fixtures of high quality without sacrificing utility and cost through our wide-range of internationally and economically competitive lighting products.

Our Company is backed by well-known product line and supplies that conform to the local and international housing and building standards to guarantee our commitment to each client’s satisfaction and expectations.

 ELI EZEKIEL LIGHTING CORPORATION, INC. shines in its own right in lighting industry throughout the country- we make, deliver, and install anywhere in the Philippines. Our line of product includes chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps garden lamps. We likewise specialized in all types of customized lighting fixtures- you conceive and we manufacture. Using brass, stainless, aluminum, copper, cast iron and wrought iron materials, we deliver the way you wanted your lighting fixtures are designed and made when other lighting manufacturers tell you that it cannot be done.

Our products did not only refurbish but also brought style and splendor to our known clients’ commercial buildings, homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, chapels, landscapes, shopping centers and industrial plants here in Metro Manila and other cities all throughout the Philippines.

The Company is also trying to expand its coverage into home furnishing such as home decors, translucent stones, glass features and others.


The quality and line of our products speak for the integrity, experience, competence and skills of our employees composing our Company. We are organized to deliver broad range of guaranteed services and true commitment to our clients.


It is our vision that ELI EZEKIEL LIGHTING CORPORATION, INC. will be recognized in the field of lighting fixtures industry second to none in delivering services to its clients’ expectations in terms of quality, cost, innovation, service, and style.


Lobby of Manila Diamond Hotel


It is our mission to be the leading manufacturer and provider of innovative, high quality, cost-saving lighting fixtures and related products to commercial, industrial, residential buildings putting much attention to the details, staying on time and on focus relying on our reliable and highly skilled team knowing that quality work is always rewarded and expected us by our client.


  • We commit ourselves to work to supply all your lighting fixture needs and taste.
  • We commit ourselves to deliver on time, world class, defect-free, custom and standard products at competitive prices.
  • We commit ourselves to a long and professional partnership with you to satisfy your needs and requirements.
  • We commit ourselves to the philosophy that to keep you our steady client requires your trust and confidence not only in our products but more particularly trust and confidence with us.